Aries persons never play secondary roles, subordinate positions or any jobs that are considered to be beneath their dignity. They prefer to do managerial or commanding positions or status in their capacity. They do well in Police, Army and other law enforcement agencies.

They are found mostly in heat related industries like steel, thermal power, boilers, cooks, explosives, guns, arms and fire services & extinguishers industries. 

On the negative side, Aries persons can easily lead a bunch of thieves, armed gangs and even terrorist and militant organizations. They easily learn to use and handle fire arms and explosives.

Aries are the only person who could handle emergency situation involving fire, explosives and dangerous cargoes without any fear. Aries person expects his subordinates to subscribe to their ideas and work according to their plans. Aries person without being honest wants others to be honest always. Always, the fate of the Aries boss is to be brought down by his own subordinates


Aries persons have the privilege of keeping employees under them. Any of the employee who labors for an Aries person, are given free doles and favors more than what they expected. But everything is stopped in the midway, if the Aries person finds that his requirements are over.

Most of the Aries persons are deceived by their very own employees. In some cases, workers turn themselves as the opponents to their Aries masters. 

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