Basic Character

Persons of Aries sign’s always like to command others and they prefer not to work as subordinates. Self respect, status symbol and reputation are the most important things in their life. 

They do not want to bend the rules for their own benefit. They prefer to lose anything in their life, but their reputation. They go to any extent to honor their promise and words. 

Aries persons are the one who gets easily annoyed, frustrated, and angry. They are the one’s who gets more revengeful and throw even their life into tizzy, as they are more sensitive.
Anyone who is discussing with Aries must be very careful about their words, because every word is seriously taken by the Aries persons. They do not forget very easily the harsh words uttered by others. These memories will hurt them for many more years to come.
If they find any wrongdoing by the subordinates, they do not show any mercy. They simply do not believe in others, unless or until they themselves satisfy that the person is not worth to be trusted.

Basic Negative Character: 

If the position of Mars is corrupted, then they show negative influence on the above mentioned characters. They conceal their real motives within their mind and do not show it to others.

They prefer to do any illegal and immoral acts without actually involving in it. Here also they play the lead role and keep their subordinates under check. The Aries person never directly involves himself of any illegal acts, but indirectly compels his subordinates to finish the job for him.

If a scandal is detected, it is hard to nail the Aries person (who happens to be the main suspect). Thus the Aries person does all the wrongdoings in a remote controlled manner. They are so ruthless that they will just dump their closest associates, when they it comes to their personal benefit. They are the ones who easily forget the benefits and gains that were received and enjoyed by them. 

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