The Aries person reverts back to their original character and behavior pattern once their love proposal has been accepted and confirmed. They tend to play with their love partners more of sexual flavor than of romantic flavor.
They quickly determine and dominate their relationship with their love partners. Aries person tries to influence the partner’s profile and itinerary. Aries persons become too possessive in nature.

Aries person’s tough attitude, behavioral pattern and too much relevance to sex sets alarm bell ringing in the partner’s camp. Thus sometimes Aries romance ends in a premature death.


The Spouse’s of Aries will be for a rude shock, if they expect the same amount of love and affection even after their marriage. In the name of discipline and cleanliness, Aries will make their spouse’s life into a nightmarish experience.
Months after marriage, Aries person’s attitude hardens on daily basis. Aries person expect their spouse to be submissive to them.

Most life partners of Aries men/women feels that they have fallen into a trap in the name of marriage. Only very few Aries’ spouses are quite excited by their marriage prospects.


Aries person does not know how to express their love. Aries also has love & romance in their life. But they find it very hard to express their love. In most of the cases, the partner’s of Aries makes the first move.

Due to the Aries hard attitude and tough personality the Aries person find it impossible to be very polite with their life/love partners. Sharing a joke, joining the dinner and going on a vacation in the weekend by an Aries person make him to believe that he had shown his love in an excellent way.

Aries persons do not believe in niceties and find it hard to write or speak eloquently. Till they are sure about their relationships, they never expose their true character.

Aries person try to impress their life/love partner through indirect display of heroism, wealth, and strength of their career prospects. But they never attempt to impress through knowledge, gentle approach and their skills.  


Usually, the Aries men have the great urge in their sexual activity. Most of the times, they never show it off to others. They tend to behave as if they are more on to the regular jobs/business.

Their imagination on sex goes wildly and sometimes in a more violent and vulgar level of thinking. But they present themselves in a more expressionless face. Aries person gets fully satisfied by dreaming all kinds of sexual acts within their mind.

In theory, Aries men pretend to show that he is least bothered about the girl and avoids her purposefully. But in reality, Aries person will be spending his most of their time & energy to have relationships with the girl.

Aries person knows how much money to be spent on their love/sex partners. Aries never exceed the limit that was fixed by them earlier. Jobs/career is the most important to Aries than involving themselves in love & romance.

Aries men never bother about the satisfaction of their partners, while indulging in the sexual activity. They are mostly violent in their appetite for sex. Aries men see the women as their sex slaves or just a tool available for their sexual entertainment.

Few cases of Aries men perform the immoral and illegal sexual activities. To satisfy their lust, they prefer pliable women on the bed. In such cases, they even opt for paid services to satisfy their sexual hunger.


Aries women never prefer to show their love in first place. But they prefer to wait with patience so that the first move starts from their love partner. Initially Aries women behave as if they are unwilling to continue their love affairs.

Unlike Aries men, the Aries women truthfully love their partner and never indulge in any activities that considered immoral. Aries women show their love preference only after complete satisfaction of their expectations on the partner.

Once they start their love life, they are truthful. Aries women keep their partner life above her interests. Aries women have the possessive characters towards their lovers/partners.

If the Aries women smell something bad about their partner’s character in the sexual activity, they never hesitate to break off the relationship both in pre & post marriage scenario.

Aries women have the ability to control their sexual passions and they do not allow those passions to damage their regular life. They exercise complete control over their body and mind. 

Aries women collect all her promises from her partner before sharing the sexual activities with him. Aries women selectively use her seductive approach to extract maximum benefits from her husband.

Most of the Aries women are trust worthy and truthful to their partners. They give more importance to family rather than for the sexual appetite.

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