Aries person may not gain in depth knowledge in their field of studies. They prefer to graze through the subjects rather than having full knowledge over it. But they prefer to show off to others as if they know each and everything fully. 

They become more vengeful, if anyone points out to any defects in their work pattern or their lack of knowledge. They never admit their mistakes; instead they try to justify the mistakes by placing many arguments in support of their actions. 

Aries persons are good at stealing the knowledge, experience and know-how of others for their own benefit. They choose to rename the stolen knowledge to improve their own standings. In this regard, they even open channels with their opponents, by concealing their real intentions.


Aries persons normally have average efficiency in skills and knowledge. Even if they have acquired enormous skills, it may not be useful to them in the hours of the need. Or else they may not be using it, due to the variety number of reasons. People, who are occupying higher posts in Aries, also tend to make errors during their mathematical calculations.

Aries persons sometimes become disadvantageous because of their own skills. That is their own skills will not be helpful to the Aries person during the time of their need. 


Aries persons are not humorous and they prefer to present themselves somewhat serious. They expect others to applaud when cracking a joke, which often looks to others as cruel.


Aries people get easily agitated, as they are highly sensitive. Aries persons hide their anger within themselves and prefer to maintain a stoic silence. Most of them prefer to vent their anger in an aggressive manner.


Aries person will never submit meekly before their opponents. They never start any troubles in the first place, but wait for the opportune moment to strike back at their opponents to inflict colossal damages. Generally, Aries people fights back if they are dishonored.


Aries person has fluctuating fortunes on their lifestyle and more importantly in their comfort of their life. Most of the time, they are deprived of their comforts. This could happen due to various factors like sickness, lack of time, mental depression and the urge to finish work. Always they yearn for peace and comfort, which is hard to come by.


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